VegBethany is a local business and vegan youtuber that knits hats, mittens, sweaters and anything else under the sun. When purchasing her items she donates a hand made hat to a local homeless shelter. 20% of her sales are also donated to a charity in her community. Branding included business cards, and packaging for her products to be wrapped in. Her site is online so products are available by shipping or by pick up. The branding of VegBethany was intended to be clean and feminine, but speak to a wide audience like her products do. A hand written word mark was created with flourishes on the end for a decorative element. Her brand artwork was done in thin line drawings to create a simple yet playful touch. To add some colour and texture a simple water colour wash was used in the background of the design. Since VegBethany’s products are homemade the branding was created to be the same.
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