The Cook Islands is a group of islands located in the South Pacific. They are a Polynesian set of islands that were needed to be branded. The logo designed is a geko. The reason a geko was chosen is because this is one animal you’ll find everywhere there. There are many songs and dances about the geko so it was felt that this would be an appropriate symbol for the Cook Islands. The geko is filled with a ethnic tattoo pattern to reprsent the Polynesian culture and that its not just a plain geko. It is in green to represent the abundant greenery of the tropical location. There are 10 icons that represent tourist spots and activities. They are designed to look like tribal drawings as they culture is quite ancient and still follow many traditions. It is enclosed by a tribal tattoo circle to tie in the with logo. You’d see these icons on many street banners, bus stops, shopping bags, and other merchandise and advertisements. The final element of brand artwork for the Cook Islands was a tie dye pattern. Many of the locals will spend their down time tie dying clothing, bedding, and other linens and putting patterns in it to tell stories. These are used to decorate homes, worn as clothes, or even worn as costume pieces for a dance. It was important to embody the locals pass times.
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