Jaeda Marie Makeup is a local wedding, grad, and special events makeup artist. We created a stunning, professional, and hand drawn logo for her to really represent the quality of her work. A beautiful script font was chosen to give off the elegance and grace she, her brand, and her skills give off. Hand drawn eyes really grab the attention of whoever is looking at it and displays what services she offers right away. The eyes looking to the side and a cheeky and confident feel, as thats the feeling you get when you get up from her makeup chair.

Her business cards were designed to be clean and professional looking. Her main logo on the front on a crisp white background, and on the reverse is all of her contact information. We included a faded, gold logo in the background to add some texture to her crisp white cards.

Her pricing page was created to be an easy read for her clients to help make the booking process as simple as possible. We continued to use her brands colours and fonts to keep a cohesive look.

Even though we live in the digital age, print based marketing still has such a personal feel to it and can go so far. We created a postcard for Jaeda Marie Makeup to put in local coffee houses and use at local events such as wedding shows and fairs and other events. With the stunning images of her work we created a. simple collage to show off her talent on the front of the postcard. Here logo front and centre so you know what you are reading right away was an impactful choice. On the reverse we included her full logo as well as her contact information so you can easily get in touch with her.
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