Inland is the dynamic leader in a competitive heavy-duty truck and equipment marketplace. For 70 years, their customers have relied on them for all their product and service needs. One of those needs is buying tires in bulk for fleets of trucks. We created a tire guide to help ease the stress of buying a large amount of tires. This guide is intended to be an easy and helpful read for whom ever may be purchasing from Inland. Right away we have the image of the tire and the tire name. Generally in these situations the purchaser already has an idea of what they'll be needing or purchasing. In the case that they don't we included a description of the tire, the tire size, and the drive on it. On each tire section we included small illustrations to see what trucks these tires fit and suit for an easier read. 

A brochure was also created for in house use to help show all the services Inland Tire provides. From change overs to fleet maintenance, they've got you covered, and we wanted to make their customers well aware of the all the services they provide in one clean brochure.
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