Ella Rogers is a local Pacific Northwest photographer. The goal of representing all aspects of her talent, personality, and brand were all accomplished in this branding. A mountain rage was not to be overlooked as British Columbia is filled with so many, and Ella most definitely takes advantage of them in her photography as they make stunning backdrops. A vintage font was chosen for her name to give the timeless feel she captures in her photography. Photography was chosen at the top as we wanted to make it very clear of what services she provides, and this was done in a simple san serif font. Even though it is front and centre, we did not want that to over power the other elements in the logo. Finally a touch of sunshine rays to fill some negative space, finish the shape, and what photography doesn't love to shoot at golden hour? I mean, it's the perfect time of day to shoot. Ella's editing style is dark and moody and we incorporated that by using an earthy green tone in her branding.
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