Ace Hookah Lounge in Burnaby, BC, formally known as Hafez Teahouse, felt like they needed to do a rebrand. Hookah lounges are a very popular in Persian and Eastern Culture. Their new logo is a contemporary font to allow for a wide range of young and mature audiences. The ‘A’ in Ace is a hookah and the hose is the cross bar in the ‘A’. It is meant to be quite significant and eye catching as a simple but essential symbol as it is the main activity of a hookah lounge. The business cards are done on black cards with a purple and silver foil. This is to show the sleekness and mysteriousness of the enviroment the lounge has to offer. The menus designed for the hookah lounge are done in the brand colour, purple. It is designed to be easy to read, as the lounge is dark and hazey. The title of each section sits on a bar with a flourished damask-type element to give it that persain feel, since that’s where hookah comes from. The menus are in a tall, sleek, black menu cover to add to the overall appearance of the brand.
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