More Than Just Design
At Wolf & Pine Creative, we work with the best creatives out there, giving you the best experience for what ever you and your business needs. Whether you are looking to create anew, evolve your brand, or just get some ideas, Wolf & Pine Creative has it covered. We are a complete creative that will take you to the next level. We create quality work for quality partners.
Meet Our Founders
Claire Taschereau is Founder and CEO of Wolf & Pine Creative. Claire studied graphic design at the Art Institute of Vancouver and landed her first job as a junior UI/UX designer at Atimi Software in Vancouver, B.C. She then graduated from her program and ventured off to Lead iOS designer at Vidao Messenger in Surrey, B.C. After she reached her maximum potential at Vidao Messenger, she found herself at Buddybuild doing marketing and UI design for their software. She has since ventured out and started Wolf & Pine Creative with her co-founder Michael de Jong. 
Claire is extremely passionate about design, business, and bettering people around her. When she is not designing for work, or for fun (you might say it's an addiction) you'll find her at yoga or exploring and bettering her photography.​​​​​​​
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